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What does Dynamics AX for you as a Sales Manager?
For Sales management, the challenge is to work out the revenues for management every month.
The sales results are also tested continuously against the sales budgets. Sales activities place significant pressure on this job.
CRM software is something which has been requested for some time within the Sales context.
AX offers a range of possibilities for supporting the sales pipelines for suspects, leads and prospects to quotations and deals, and repeat sales.

Among the things you deal with:
  • Order Management
  • Trade agreements
  • Item management
  • Intercompany support
Some plus points at a glance:
  • One integrated ERP environment
  • Fully embedded in the Microsoft environments
  • Sales linked directly to purchasing and inventory
  • Optimum insight into inventory availability
  • Price/delivery agreements with purchasers and suppliers fully transparent
  • Full up-to-date insight into delivery, progress and agreements with purchasers