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IT Management
What does Dynamics AX for you as as IT Manager?
The IT Management position has a broad range of challenges. All applications and systems must be kept up and running, and should ideally be integrated. Supporting the business and enabling users to function independently is also an important duty.

Dynamics AX is fully configurable to the specific requirements and wishes of your organisation. It thus offers a flexible platform to incorporate changes in the application into subsequent releases of the product.

Dynamics AX is fully embedded in the Microsoft Office environment, so that data can be exchanged easily.This is all based on Microsoft concepts and components.

Some plus points at a glance:
  • Broad functionally deployable administrative platform with many different domains
  • Stable platform for company-wide administrative support
  • One integrated ERP environment
  • Fully embedded in the Microsoft environments
  • Ongoing and guaranteed development by Microsoft
  • Worldwide support
  • Open environment; simple links with third-party systems
  • Fully adaptable functionality
  • One familiar user interface
  • AD-integrated user management